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Jin Shin

Tai Chi


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Reiki is wisdom & truth.

                                                     — Hawayo Takata


Reiki | The Five Principles of Reiki

Reiki means universal life energy. It is a gentle, yet powerful, practice in which the Reiki energy is used for healing.

Reiki is an intelligent energy that travels to the areas of the body in need of healing. Healing can occur on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.
Reiki practitioners use a series of light hand placements in sequence to bring about healing and restore a state of well-being.

How does Reiki heal? Reiki practice heals and clears the energy of the affected areas by charging them with positive energy and allowing new life energy to flow harmoniously throughout the body.

To view The Five Principles of Reiki, click here.


I have survived several heart attacks and a triple bypass. I couldn’t have handled any of this without my “Guardian Angel” Cynthia. She was actually allowed to practice Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki on me in Intensive Care after my open heart surgery. Even the doctors were amazed when all my numbers immediately returned to normal!

— Mikki Rainey

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