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Golden Flower Tai Chi DVD

Tai Chi The Golden Flower: Five Moving Forces & Four Circles Practice & The Golden Flower Meditation


This DVD is great for all levels. It covers warm-up exercises, the Tai Chi Stance, the Five Moving Forces, and the First Circle through the Fourth Circle. There are two complete form practice sections--one in nature and one in the studio.

If you want a great idea of what Tai Chi is and a preview of what the First, Third, and Fourth Circle is watch the trailer above:

The picture of me at the Flatirons is a sample of the Five Moving Forces

At the cottonwood tree is a sample of First Circle

At the Red Rocks is a sample of Third Circle

At the metal sculpture is a sample of Fourth Circle

Tai Chi DVD Table of Contents/Menu

Cynthia Ghiron - Tai Chi - The Golden Flower

Tai Chi For Health, Vitality & A Peaceful Heart

Front and Back DVD Covers

DVD Regular Price $39.97 each

2 or more: $34.97 each

Included in "Tai Chi The Golden Flower: Five Moving Forces & Circle Practice & Golden Flower Meditation" DVD

  • 5 Moving Forces & 4 Circles Tai Chi Practice in the tradition of the Living Tao Style
    Professional step by step instructions along with stories and images to help you connect to and remember the moves. (72 minutes)
  • Includes a practice session in Boulder Coloardao's natural beauty, invoking the healing powers of Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, and Metal.
  • Brian Mullins accompaning Cynthia with live Chinese Erhu.
  • Culminates with Cynthia leading The Golden Flower meditation, a quieting and centering experience.

Physical DVD

When you purchase the Physical DVD you qualify for the Digital version for just $10 more. Please contact Cynthia if you would like to purchase the Digital version after having purchased the Physical DVD.
Number of DVDs

Regular Price Non-Physical DIGITAL Version (Digital download) - $19.97
Download video file in MP4 format, 1.1Gb size

PLEASE NOTE: To download the digital file, click "Add to Cart" button below, pay via PayPal (accepts credit cards, etc.). After completing payment, you will see the receipt screen and you will be redirected (takes several seconds) to the Download page that has instructions for download.
*Digital version includes a static Table of Contents and the entire video is in Mirror Image ON format to simulate the actual positions of teacher to student so that the student can perform the moves in the same direction as the instructor.

Discounted price Digital Version with purchase of physical version - $10

Golden Flower DVD Testimonials

This DVD is beautiful! I so enjoyed viewing it. I only wish I had learned Tai Chi a long time ago.
         - Kathleen Murphy, Mind/Body Programs Coordinator, City of Boulder Recreation Department

This is an exceptional DVD that is both graceful and emotionally moving.
I very much enjoyed following along with Cynthia, and was able to learn
each Tai Chi move. It was beautiful to watch her put all the
moves together in nature. The Tai Chi is poetry in motion. The DVD contains
David Darling's Grammy award winning music and
the authentic Chinese Erhu.

         - Nancy Harrison, Tai Chi student

I think you can consider your DVD project a success: the sections that had your verbal instruction were right on target, especially for those who are just in the beginning stages of their tai chi journey.

I enjoyed the variety of scenery that was encompassed in the DVD. So often, the production of such DVDs just focuses on one location. It also reflected the elements (metal/wood/water, etc.) so well. And the music fit the tai chi practice spot on.

My very favorite parts were the last ones on the DVD, in which you just did the Tai Chi movements, and there was no instruction voice-over. The video captured the true peacefulness of your expressions and the grace with which you moved through the practice.

Kudos to you on this loving effort....I can't imagine that the
purchasers of your DVD will be disappointed in any respect. I remain a
fan of yours.
         - Elaine Swope, CEBS, SPHR, PhD"

DVD Excerpt: Tai Chi Form Practice in Nature: 1st Circle at Boulder Creek


Please contact Cynthia to purchase products below.

Books by Cynthia Ghiron

I am the author of the following books, which complement my hands-on work and help patients continue the healing process on their own.

Tai Chi: Reverence for the Self

Tai Chi: Reverence for the Self – Basic Tai Chi manual. Cost: $ 15.


Stress Reduction – Meditations

Stress Reduction: Daily meditation book – Large. Cost: $ 15.


Stress Reduction: Daily meditation book – Small. Cost: $ 12.95.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help Books

Introducing: Jin Shin Jyutsu books, by Mary Burmeister. Designed for self help usage. Each book is $14, or buy all three for $37.


Book 1: Introducing: Jin Shin Jyutsu. Cost: $14


Book 2: Mankind's Safety Energy Locks and Keys. Cost $14


Book 3: Fun with Fingers and Toes. Cost: $14.

Audio CDs

Stress Reduction and Deep Relaxation: a guided full body relaxation and visualization (also on tape)Audio CD. Cost: $ 18.



Stress Reduction and Deep Relaxation

Stress Reduction and Deep Relaxation: a guided full body relaxation and visualization – Cost: $12.95


Tai Chi Music

Tai Chi Music: A collection of wonderful music for Tai Chi practice

Cost: $12.95

Tai Chi: Five Element Form

Tai Chi: Five Element Form: A guided description of the Five Element Form – Cost: $12.95


Reiki Masters Gaetano Vivo and Cynthia Ghiron, and Cardiologist Ron Jenkins. First aired on KGNU-Boulder, 2001. Cost: $12.95.




Video: Stress Management with Cynthia Ghiron

Introductory lecture including research on stress reduction as a daily practice and the benefits of Tai Chi – Cost: $ 15.00.

Video: Reverence for the Self – Tai Ji

Tai Chi video with music: Five Elements, First and Second Circle forms

– Cost: $ 15.00.


Gift Certificates

Cost: Any amount. Suggested value: $80 for 1-1/2 hour session.


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